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February 12, 2008 / studyingsociology

Budget Project, formerly known as the Census Project

Sociologists, like all scientists, work with all kinds of data.  In order to read and understand the uses and limitations of data we’ll be doing an assignment that starts with Census Data and then branches out to other data from the federal government and finally to an experiment done by a private citizen.  Get a copy of the assignment here

 The attached file contains the entire assignment complete with links to sources.   By the time you finish with this assignment you should have a better understanding of how data is used and the effect our assumptions and choices about the kind of data to use have on our findings.

After finishing the basic worksheet there is still one more thing to do; take a look at this blog to find out what the Thrifty Food Plan is and to get a subjective sense of what it means to live on the the thrifty food plan.

Ultimately by doing this assignment you should come to understand many of the ways in which government policies affect our daily lives in ways that we can’t always see.

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