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March 1, 2008 / studyingsociology

Intelligent Design Creationism

This video cover the logic of science as it relates to creationism. Distinguishes between science and faith and discusses the trial at Dover, PA about the teaching of intelligent design in schools.

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  1. Christien Laber / Mar 9 2008 4:09 am

    Dr. Pennock does a very good job of describing how intelligent design is not a scientific theory. It really makes me wonder what the actual objectives of intelligent design are. Many of the people who support intelligent design are college graduates, some even teach science. So it should be clear to them that there is no emperical nature in intelligent design, especially since they are the ones supporting it and are incapable of finding any. So given the failing state of ID, why do its supporters continue backing it up? This continued following makes since if ID is indeed not supposed to be a scientific theory, but rather a religous view.
    One thing I would have liked Pennock to have discussed more thoroughly is the nature of the Discovery Institute, one of the main backers of ID. The Discovery Institute tries to give the appearance of a scientific institution, however, they don’t actually conduct research. The majority of their websites articles,, are about ethics in science and concerning the “battle” between darwinism and ID. This may seem odd at first, but considering that ID is untestable and relys on the “gaps” in evolution, or any other credible theory, it becomes aparent why Discovery doesn’t do research, because they have nothing to test. Considering this, it is apparent how ID can not be consitered a scientific theory.

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